Friday, December 23, 2016

Homeschool Resources

Lately, I've been on the search for some great homeschooling resources that I can use with my children and help me keep track of everything they are doing.

Here are a few websites that offer free or paid resources: This is a FREE online planner. I started using it at the beginning of the year, but switching between both of my older children to get the same assignments typed out frustrated me. There was too much back and forth. However, it is very helpful and may be an awesome tool for someone else. I do like that you can customize nearly everything.

Home School, Inc- This online planner is also FREE! I just discovered this last night. I'm still learning the ropes with it. I absolutely LOVE that I can create a course and choose the children that are taking the course. When putting in assignments for the course, you have the choice to add assignments to both at one time or assign different assignments for each child. All of the days in the term/semester are on one page. They recommend no more than 6 months for each term. I agree with their recommendation. I recommend 4 months max per term. I will update my review once I get everything "caught up" on this one and we use it for a few months.

Khan Academy- Khan Academy is free. There are many subjects covered on this website. Videos help explain concepts and information. We just started using this resource, but already my 2 older children like it.

Udemy- There are a mixture of free and paid courses. We haven't taken any yet, but once we do, I'll make a blog post about it.

What websites do you like or use for your homeschool?

Friday, July 29, 2016

It's been awhile

I have been thinking about this blog for awhile. I wasn't sure how to get back into blogging since I've not written in awhile. I have taken a break from sewing and selling. It just wasn't working out the way I'd hoped it would. I've not given up, just waiting for us to move. We've also been fairly busy the last few months.

I took a Space A flight from Hawaii to the East Coast and spent 2 months with my family in my home state. It was nice to see everyone that I hadn't seen in a year. As much as I love living in Hawaii, I will be so happy to be closer to my extended family.

We move in about 5 months. We have known where we'll be going for a couple months now, but I haven't announced it to many people. We'll be buying a house around that location about a year after we move. I must say that I can not wait to finally buy a house and settle and not move again! I may enjoy seeing new places, but packing and unpacking is just not fun. Thankfully, we will be going to a place that we already know. The best part is we'll be 4 hours from home instead of a whole country and half of the pacific ocean away!

At the end of June, I took a big step for my future and enrolled in Penn Foster High School to be able to earn my High School Diploma. Until that day, I barely let anyone know I didn't have a diploma or GED. I'm all finished with the courses I had to take. Thankfully, 16 of my 23 credits were transferred, so I had pretty easy classes, with the exception of physical science. That class definitely took my much longer to complete! I'll have another post about why it was important for me to get my diploma. It was my personal narrative from one of my classes. I just have to edit it to take out names, since I don't post anyone's names for privacy reasons.

We start our next homeschool year on Monday. I officially have a 5th and 3rd grader! I will also be doing pre-k learning activities with Ninja. I have been planning and printing like crazy since I completed my classes.

I'll be working on posting on this blog more regularly, too. I just need to brainstorm some ideas of topics to talk about.