Friday, April 7, 2017

Family History

When I was not quite a teen, I remember wanting to know a little more about my family and my family history. When I was almost 8 and under, both sides of my family did many activities together. Typically, Halloween we would go to my Dad's Mom's house (I call her Grandma) and we'd eat and then all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, sister, and parents would go trick-or-treating. I also had cousins that I didn't grow up with; some I haven't even met in person yet! I have always wondered what it would have been like to have grown up around them.

My Grandmama (my Mama's Mama) and I were always close and talked often. I always enjoyed listening to her stories. Especially the stories about her family. I never thought to actually write those stories down before she passed away. We started going through her photos a couple years before she died, but never finished going through them and hearing the stories behind them. It was a bit hard since I lived in different states or areas after I was 19.

One day, I discovered I don't even remember if I saw it on T.V. or if I was simply looking up how to do a family tree on the internet. I had to have been 12, maybe 13 when I first found it. It was during the dial-up days, that is a memory I don't think I'll forget. I know I didn't do much. I honestly forgot that login information. At 14 years old or so, I began to ask my Grandmama more questions about our family members. I never wrote them down, though. I was about 20 years old when I decided to have Grandmama help me fill in a tree on Ancestry. I actually lost the account information and never could sign back in. (Still to this day I can't remember what email address I would have used!).

Alas, in 2010, I began my REAL family history research! I have had free subscriptions and paid for some off and on since then. I learned that taking a year or so off helps when you hit brick walls. My "main" tree is huge, however, being the newbie I was, I went "click happy" and relied off of others' tree information. I learned that is a big no-no because in order to get accurate family history, we need to have facts! So, recently, I made a new tree and have been working on making sure everyone lines up correctly.

I do a lot of my searches on It's free!

My desire to learn my family's history, I have been able to connect with a few extended family members. We aren't all in the same area, but one day, I hope to meet them in person!

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