Thursday, May 11, 2017

Homeschool Reset

When you are a homeschooling parent, there are so many things you worry about. It's like we have a huge weight because so many expect their studies to be the same as public school students. We worry so much about whether our children are behind their peers. At least I do and from a few blogs I've read, others feel the same way. Our children's everything falls into OUR hands, we can only blame ourselves when our child is behind, right? Because if they were behind in public school, we could easily point our finger at the teacher not doing his/her job. I know for me, I worry I will fail at being my children't educator. I haven't been to school to learn how to do this! I read on a blog that fearing we will fail shows how important our children's education is to us. It is definitely true for me. I have a list of pros and cons on both homeschool and public school. My list of pros for homeschooling outweighs my pros for sending them to public school.

 The past 8 months have been absolutely hectic. While we did great in the beginning, things happened and life felt like it went upside down. The biggest thing to happen was our move from Hawaii to the East Coast. Shew, that was huge and hectic. We had household goods packed up and picked up right after Christmas and didn't get them until mid-Feb. We accepted a house on post Feb 1. Our house here is SO much smaller than our home in Hawaii. We don't have a garage here and we don't have nearly as much storage. Our rooms are quite a bit smaller than our rooms in Hawaii. Our kitchen here is like 1/4th the size of our kitchen in Hawaii. (Oh, how I miss my kitchen in Hawaii!!). We have a lot of thing, although it didn't seem like it before. Our classroom here is so small compared to the room we used, so it has taken me a good 3 months to get everything organized.

Last week, I had a long moment of doubt that I could continue to homeschool. The big kids were arguing. I felt like they weren't doing enough school work, but I felt overwhelmed with it all! I never have time to myself to re-energize. I need some me time once in awhile to get a "brain break". I love being with my kids all day, but I do need breaks once in awhile. I just never get them. Unless you want to count staying up for hours after everyone has gone to bed or get up wicked early to be up before them. I don't even go grocery shopping alone! I'm not complaining, just stating facts. I don't ever leave my job. When you are a working parent, you leave the house, interact with other adults, don't have to worry about picking up after everyone ALL DAY, you get time alone in the vehicle to go to work and come home. I don't know about any other stay at home moms/ homeschoolers, but I feel very bad if I want to run to a store alone and not have ANYONE with me. Like, I feel terrible for wanting time to myself. With all of that, I felt I needed a break from the overwhelming feeling that I was failing with EVERYTHING. I felt like I was in a constant state of having an anxiety attack. Seriously, it was terrible.

I came to my senses after talking to my Mama. She's very helpful with getting me to think straight while I feel like I am going through a crisis. She gave me a lot of great advice with homeschooling. She's SO supportive of us homeschooling and is truly happy we've chosen to homeschool. That means a lot since she was a little hesitant at first with the idea. She still supported it, but she's seen how they are.

Anyway, I forgot my cousin told me about a website that is free to use that gives assignments in 7ish subjects for 180 days. I checked it out Monday during my "reset" time and we started it yesterday. Discoveryk12 is the website. While next year we will add more to our days, this gives a great outline on what they can do.

I used Monday and Tuesday to "reset" and get in the groove of being JUST their teacher during school time. Some may take a week or month to reset. Some may take a day. Just know, when you are questioning whether you are fit to homeschool because a few feel you aren't qualified or you feel you aren't qualified, take some time to evaluate WHY you started homeschooling. Outline your pros and cons of public and home school. Switch curriculum if you need to. Sit down and reflect everything they have learned that you taught them FROM BIRTH! I'm serious, ya'll. We are our children's very first teacher. I know public school teachers can play a huge role in shaping our kids. I am not saying if you send your kids to public school, you are doing your child wrong. I fully support anyone who send their kids to public school, even if it's just because they want to have a break from their kids. (Seriously, I have contemplated sending my kids to public school JUST to get a break from their arguing and bickering. Just being honest.) This isn't geared towards anyone with kids in public school, unless, of course, you are thinking about homeschooling.

So thank you Discoveryk12 for helping us find our joy in homeschooling by having an outline for us to go by. It helps me to not feel so overwhelmed by planning 3 kids coursework!

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