Monday, September 3, 2018

Say What?!

Ya'll, I have been under a rock!

I have been wracking my brain since June trying to figure out curriculum to use. I have all of the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series books in PDF form, BUT after printing both of the boys books and not wanting to print 500ish pages for my daughter's math, I decided to nix Math Mammoth. I feel like it is WAY too much to try to complete in one school year anyway. I really didn't want to skip over anything or spend hours working on a days worth of work.

I have been on the Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool site NUMEROUS times, but was just so unsure about it because, well, it was free. I know, I know. The cost doesn't mean it's good or bad. I decided to take a peek at it for my daughter's math since I really didn't want to print 500 pages. THEN, my cousin asked me about homeschooling and I mentioned it to her because I have heard great things about it. Of course, I looked into it a little more myself to make sure. It wasn't long after when I decided that was going to be PERFECT for us. I just knew it. We are using many classes from Schoolhouse Teachers, as well.

Let me tell you that I, also, decided to look more into Google Classrooms and couldn't believe I brushed it off when I first learned about it. It is so great. Today was Day 1 of our school year and my older two said they really like this year's set-up using Google Classrooms. It is a lot of work for me having 3 kids in 3 different grades, however, it is better than spending money on an online planner or handwriting it all.

I decided to combine EP with GC so I can look at most of their work immediately and return it with a grade and I will be able to copy the classes I use for the older kids to use with the ones going into that grade. I use separate classes for majority of the classes and only add those it pertains to. But things they will do together, like Art, P.E., History, Science, etc, I add all of their names. Even if they are on a different EP level.

I'm glad I lifted that rock because I am super pumped for this school year because of EP and GC!

What do you use (or have you used) that has helped you in your homeschooling journey?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Jump Start

It has been entirely too long since I wrote on this blog. I have been contemplating doing a complete "jump start" and change my blog name and try to figure out a "topic" to talk about since that's what many of the "starting a blog" things say. However, I'm quite unique and Cat's Bird Nest will be, too. I may have started it, originally, for the business I tried "launching" when I lived in Hawaii, but it's just going to be about my life and whatever is in it.

The last year and some change has been kind of hectic. Some down time, but even when it seemed like down time, it wasn't.

July 2017- We decided we wanted to buy a house. Well, The Husband decided he was over Post Housing and the crappiness of it, so he started looking at houses to buy and I got sucked in. Even though I wasn't TOO interested because we still had 7 months of our lease left. We did the Pre-Qualification.Then, we started picking houses to scope out. We did scope out 1 house at the end of the month and had another we were REALLY hoping would work out. (It was such a cute little country house) The 1st one went under contract a couple hours before we were scheduled to look at it.

August 2017- We checked out the country house and it was nice, but way too small. At least the rooms were TINY! We, then, checked out the other house on our list that was REALLY secluded with trees surrounding it on 8 acres! That one was a bust. While it was a great size, it smelled AWFUL. We dubbed it the "Stinky Pee House" because it smelled like dog and cat pee. So bad that it would have had to be completely gutted. Definitely not a no go. After that house, I was so skeptical of getting excited over the house hunting. Y'all, it was bad. The next house we looked at, we found it on Zillow and it had 1 picture and it was an hour from The Husband's work. I wasn't sure, The Husband was all for it. Turns out, we BOTH loved it and it pretty much sang to me, "I am youuuuurrrssss, you belong here!" I loved our Realtor! And while we looked at NUMEROUS other houses in July and August, we only scheduled to look at 3 or 4. Aug 4th we looked at the house and said we wanted it. Aug 6th we signed the first offer... it was rejected and the final offer was signed Aug 15th we were officially under contract! I was so excited... and scared. It was scary making such a huge commitment!

Sept 2017- We became homeowners on the 22nd! It was awesome! And busy!!!

Nov 2017- We finished getting the other house cleaned up and did a lot of unpacking. Our well pump also went out. THAT was quite a learning and expensive experience! (But my family knows I LOVE learning how to do things and fix things myself.)

December 2017- now- It's been a blur. My anxiety has been kicking my butt. It's been one thing after another with The Husband's vehicles and things happening with the house, be it AC going out TWICE or water being an issue.

In February, I became an Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant. You can check out my website using the link or if you have trouble clicking it. I do online parties, but orders can be made without a party being hosted. I am doing a Random Act of Kindness "Party" to earn lots of books to hand out to children in shelters or that are going into foster care. If you'd like to purchase to support it, you can head to my website using this link ---> and make sure you see "eFair: Cat's Random Acts of Kindness". Nothing will tie me to these books, so it's definitely not for me to get a customer base. It's purely so these children can have a book of their own. I, also, have a Facebook Page- Cat's Book Corner.

The Husband is transitioning to Veteran life and its a little scary. I am putting my faith in God that HE has a plan and he will provide. That is another reason I became an Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant. Since I homeschool and I feel strongly about homeschooling, I wanted to try to help my husband with the finances, especially during the transition. Definitely didn't plan to get rich, just help with a bill or two. =)

I'm hoping I can get into blogging on a regular basis. It won't be about just one thing, but is our life defined by ONE topic? Nah. =)