Monday, September 3, 2018

Say What?!

Ya'll, I have been under a rock!

I have been wracking my brain since June trying to figure out curriculum to use. I have all of the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series books in PDF form, BUT after printing both of the boys books and not wanting to print 500ish pages for my daughter's math, I decided to nix Math Mammoth. I feel like it is WAY too much to try to complete in one school year anyway. I really didn't want to skip over anything or spend hours working on a days worth of work.

I have been on the Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool site NUMEROUS times, but was just so unsure about it because, well, it was free. I know, I know. The cost doesn't mean it's good or bad. I decided to take a peek at it for my daughter's math since I really didn't want to print 500 pages. THEN, my cousin asked me about homeschooling and I mentioned it to her because I have heard great things about it. Of course, I looked into it a little more myself to make sure. It wasn't long after when I decided that was going to be PERFECT for us. I just knew it. We are using many classes from Schoolhouse Teachers, as well.

Let me tell you that I, also, decided to look more into Google Classrooms and couldn't believe I brushed it off when I first learned about it. It is so great. Today was Day 1 of our school year and my older two said they really like this year's set-up using Google Classrooms. It is a lot of work for me having 3 kids in 3 different grades, however, it is better than spending money on an online planner or handwriting it all.

I decided to combine EP with GC so I can look at most of their work immediately and return it with a grade and I will be able to copy the classes I use for the older kids to use with the ones going into that grade. I use separate classes for majority of the classes and only add those it pertains to. But things they will do together, like Art, P.E., History, Science, etc, I add all of their names. Even if they are on a different EP level.

I'm glad I lifted that rock because I am super pumped for this school year because of EP and GC!

What do you use (or have you used) that has helped you in your homeschooling journey?

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